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Trekker's Wool

Prevent blisters, hot spots and black toes with pure, lanolin rich, Australian Merino lamb’s wool.

What is Trekker’s Wool?

Prevent blisters, hot spots, black toes and relieve painful pressure points with 100% pure, natural, lanolin rich Australian Merino lambs’ wool. The lanolin reduces moisture and friction; and the wool provides soft cushioning for hard working feet. Each bag contains 30 grams of pure, organic unprocessed Merino lambs’ wool, sufficient for a six day trek, or providing weeks of daily pain relief.

How is it used?

  • Hot spots, blisters or pressure points? Apply Trekker’s Wool & tape in place.
  • Pressure points between the toes? Place the wool between the toes.
  • Jarring toes? Wrap the wool around your toes and place extra in the toes of your socks.
  • Dry heels? Place a generous quantity of wool in the heel of your socks.  The wool naturally felts into the sock and remains in place.

Who should be using Trekker’s Wool?

  • Hikers, walkers, runners, shoppers!
  • People with pressure points or corns.
  • Ballerinas for pointe work.
  • People with dry heels – proven to work better than creams.

We hiked sections of the trail and the days were hot resulting in small blisters forming on my heels and toes. Our guide applied Trekker’s Wool over the blisters and taped it in place, the blisters disappeared and it was instant relief. I won’t hike again without Trekker’s Wool in my pack.”

Judy B

Larapinta Trail 2017


We ship to Australia only as our wool is pure and unprocessed.